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About Us

Founderian was founded by real Founders with diverse, global experience and networks!

Founding a company is one of the hardest things someone can attempt. Giving up the simple pleasures of life, nights and weekends and often times your own savings are just a few sacrifices. Our team is here to help you make sure you have your best shot at it.

  • Expertise in founding, finance, recruiting, technology products and more.
  • Globally experience scouting, launching and scaling companies in all continents
  • Network that spans beyond our team, to make sure we have the context and advice you need.

Jerica and Ashley started Founderian so that other founders could start off ahead of their competitors. Leveraing years of expertise and a large global network, Founderian can bring immediate value to any company.

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Projects and Companies


Growing startups, Consulting, Educatin
LatAm, Asia, Africa, Europe and the US

Years of experience

Unicorn Startups, Fortune 500, Top VCs


Pitch Competitions, Elite Accelerators


Founderians have worked with current and future succcesful startups around the world. Whether it's a simple pricing decision or a hiring plan, Founderians make a big difference in the journeys of other founders around the world.

A founding team in my accelerator had a hard choice to make in their technical leadership role. With the advice of a Founderian they were able to weigh the trade-offs and hire a CTO.

Christine Chang

Director, Startupbootcamp Fintech

Mexico City, Mexico

Ashley has helped us discover and execute our global hiring strategy.

Arielle Sandor

Global Recruiting, Zipline

Africa + Israel

Building a world-class recruiting proram from the beginning takes the kind of experience and thoughtfullness that the Founderian team has.

Elias Alberts

Director of Technical Recruiting, Yelp

San Francisco, CA

As a technology-driven impact enterprise, it was easy to get caught up in automation. What we needed was a sales strategy to bring on new customers. Founderian helped us focus there.

Daniel Nolan


San Francisco, CA, USA

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Founderian Partners

Jerica and Ashley have been founding and working with global startups since they began their careers. Whether teams were boostrapping or raising $100 million, Ashley and Jerica have seen what it takes for founders and their companies to get to the next level. Working with Founderian will give you insights into what already learned lessons: both from failures and successes. These two Founderian Partners are culturally and globally aware. Reach out to speak to them about how they can help you navigate some of the hurdles you face.

Ashley King-Bischof

Founderian Partner
Specialties: MVPs, Social Impact, Scaling, Recruiting

Jerica Bradley

Founderian Partner
Specialties: Finance, Operations

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