Founder Types

Discover your unique type and match better with teammates.

6 Founder Types

The Founder Types provide a framework for making decisions about your founding team, hiring your first team and the way you will run your business. Below are the 6 Founder Types.

Lean Founder Type

Spends as little as possible to build and gather data. Focuses on value creation with a small team.

Deep Thinking Founder Type

Focuses on a few, important topics and understands them deeply. Chooses small teams and few key partnerships to corner a niche market before scaling. Prefers government grants over VC investment to build a proof of concept.

Speed Founder Type

Sees new trends potential in the market and enjoys being a first-mover. Prefers to have many partners on board who play catalytic speciality roles. Enjoys fast, smart investment and doesn't hold back.

Investor Founder Type

Not a COO, not a CTO, not a CFO. Nothing excites you more than selling the business as an invesment vehicle for investors. You see the 10x returns, the billion-dollar valuation. You wake up in the morning wanting to tell investors and go to sleep at night excited about the potential of the company. Sometimes it's not clear you'll have a role in the company other than fundraising, but it makes a lot of sense to you.

CEO Founder Type

It's not power you're after, but you can't see anyone else running the company the way it aught to be. You're comfortable with board meetings and one-on-ones with managers messaging the same vision and spirit you've had for your idea and company from day one.

Anything Founder Type

Whatever the company needs, you'll do. You're intrinsicly motivated to get this comapny to success and believe that from mopping the floors after a shift to being on call on weekends, you're there for your team. While you don't love bookkeeping, you know it needs to be done -- so you're ready to do it.

Discover your Founder Type

Using 100 data points and 10 years of research, the Founder Type method allows you to understand deeply the way in which you work best -- and who with and how you should work.

  • Readiness for founding.
  • Blindspots to work on during your startup journey.
  • The best founder types to match with.
  • Holistic review.

It's always a good time to understand your Founder Type, whether you're curious about starting a business, have an idea or are years into your startup. It provides a holistic review of your leadership, foundership and partnership styles that will help guide you create 10x more value across your company.